Cryptocurrency future in online gaming DigiByte

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DigiByte – cryptocurrency digital money for online gaming.

DigiByte is an alt-coin cryptocurrency that offers substantial future potential in the on-line gaming community and mirco-transactions.

This coin was established in Jan 2014 and is run out of Hong Kong.

DigiByte uses 5 different algorithms to ensure a secure blockchain.

Very fast 30 second block times (20x faster than Bitcoin’s blocktime).

Current supply under 6 Billion coins, target is 21 Billion coins (1000x more than Bitcoin).

Active community on message boards and Digibyte has a youtube channel.

Released a gaming wallet targeting the gaming community (June 2015).

Price shot up after gaming wallet released and is currently on a downward trend from a peak.

Not listed on many alt-coin exchanges so Digibyte hasn’t been a popular  “pump and dump” coin as of yet.

Why I like Digibyte?
In my opinion Digibyte has a possible future in the gaming, tipping, and micro-transaction markets.  The high volume and fast block times makes Digibyte ideal for small, quick transactions.  The website, community, and wallet features and superior to many other coins with a higher market cap. Digibyte isn’t listed on many exchanges and this is an advantage to those who accumulate before it does.  A relatively stable price will soon change when Digibyte gets listed on some of the bigger Chinese exchanges.  Cryptocurrency is in its infancy at the moment and offers significant opportunity for future gains



Visit the Digibyte official website

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