Who am I?

My interest in money started with the popular board games Monopoly, Payday, Life, and an obscure world currency game I can’t recall the name of.  As a young boy I was fascinated money oriented games and enjoyed making a stack of cash during game play.  Growing up in a cash based economy in Canada I became interested in other countries money and how it related in exchange to my Canadian dollars.  In my University years my passion for money led me into a degree in Economics.  I often kept banknotes from other countries in my wallet but my real collecting started in the early 2000’s.

I spent about 5 years as a mutual fund investment adviser during the tech boom in the late 90’s.  In the early 2000’s I was working as account manager and was looking for another medium of investments.  I had lost trust in the markets by that time and began collecting banknotes as an alternative investment.  To me collecting banknotes was an enjoyable hobby and a solid investment in the future.  Rather than looking at a computer screen I could enjoy my collection and learn about world history and culture.

I began selling paper money online in the mid 2000’s.  It was a way for me to generate a side income with my hobby but more importantly a way to share my passions with other people around the world.  I began interest in Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrency in 2014.  I currently enjoy trading alt-coin digital currencies for hobby and profit.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about money; paper and digital.  World banknotes and their stories, and the new age of digital cryptocurrencies.  The sea of historical banknotes and new digital currencies is vast.  I focus on the most historical significant banknotes and paper money that has the best chance of future gains as small investments.  Also I will introduce the new era of digital cryptocurrencies and which ones I feel are the best investment opportunities.

Why would you want to follow this blog?

To learn about paper money, past and future.  To see the connections between banknotes and modern history.  To read about alternative investment opportunities.