Kingdom of Tonga money

Humpback Whale on Money Kingdom of Tonga 2 Pa’anga banknote

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Kingdom of Tonga money

2015 Banknote 2 Pa’anga:

Kingdom of Tonga money

Kingdom of Tonga money

Humpback Whale note:

The 2015 Kingdom of Tonga 2 Pa’anga banknote features a Humpback Whale on the back.  Whales aren’t very common on banknotes making this a special note among collectors.  The front features the current King Tupou 6th who took over rule after his brothers (King Tupou 5th) death in 2012.  The Pa’anga has been the currency in the Kingdom of Tonga since 1967.

The Kingdom of Tonga is the only Polynesian Island that hasn’t bee ruled by another country.  Humpback whales migrate near Tonga yearly making whale tours an important part of the Kingdom of Tonga’s tourism industry.

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Banknotes are more than just money.  A country’s currency reflects the history and culture of a nation.  In an age of increasing digitized money paper banknote are in increased demand as collectibles.


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