Maldives money 2015

Maldives money 2015 polymer banknote 20 Rufiyaa Fisherman

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Maldives money history

2015 polymer 20 Rufiyaa banknote:

Maldives money 2015

Maldives money 2015

“Fish on money’

In 2015 the Maldives printed a new series of polymer banknotes highlighting the Maldivian traditions and culture.  My personal favorite of the new series is the 2015 Maldivian 20 Rufiyaa note.  The front features a fisherman carrying skipjack Tuna with an airport in the background.  Animals are common on banknotes but fish is a more rare find to represent a country’s currency.  The back image displays a traditional Maldivian sailboat.  The pink and purple coloring along with the polymer feel make the 20 Rufiyaa note very appealing.  The official theme of this banknote is “industrial and economic progress”.

The Maldives have been using the Rufiyaa currency since the late 194o’s.  The use of polymer banknotes is becoming more popular as they are more durable and easy to add advanced security features.

The Maldives is a series of islands southwest of India that is a renowned destination for it’s world class beaches.  There is concern and controversy that the Maldives islands are sinking and will soon be inhabitable.

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