Yugoslavia banknote 1994

Yugoslavia banknote 10 Million Dinara 1994 inflation overprint

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Yugoslavia 1994 banknote:   The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was formed in 1929 and was know as the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.  Following the Yugoslav wars Yugoslavia was dividend and became a defunct country.  In 1991 Croatia, Slovenia, […]

Suriname money

Suriname Money 100 Gulden Banknote Year 2000 Hummingbird

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Suriname Money Year 2000: 100 Gulden Banknote:     “Hummingbird Millennium Bill” Suriname money is known as some of the most colorful banknotes printed.  The Surinamese Gulden was the official currency in Suriname from 1940-2004.  During the 1990’s Suriname suffered a period […]